donderdag 20 februari 2014

Sequel; 5 nice "ref." items

Below i'll put 5 items as a example how you can get some profit by refining in high-sec.
For one week i've been buying (buy-orders) up these five in the system Hek.

Berserker I  602 (bought) x 23,037 (profit) = 13.86m
Inferno Torpedo  226(00) (bought) x 24,128 (profit) = 5.45m
Medium Nosferatu I  98 (bought) x 128,808 (profit) = 12.62m
Iridium Charge M  640(00) (bought) x -35 (profit) = -0.02m
Medium Capacitor Battery I  491 (bought) x 7,413 (profit) = 3.64m

Total profit was 35.55 million. (even with the faulty iridium charges)
Last week i talked about the possibility to earn 625 million with 125 buy-orders.
If we would multiply that weeks earning to a month it would be 142.2 million.
And theoretically we have 125 slot = 3.562 Billion
Well this 3,5 Billion is a bit much, but you get the idea what could be possible.

The numbers below show the isk to buy a item and the mineral earnings by refining those;

NameBatchVolumeHek buy-order
Berserker IBerserker I135,999 ISK
Retrieveable Materials/componenets 
Material nameQuantityVolumeCost
TritaniumTritanium6,40864.08 M330,822 ISK
PyeritePyerite8068.06 M310,156 ISK
IsogenIsogen660.66 M38,910 ISK
NocxiumNocxium80.08 M36,120 ISK
ZydrineZydrine40.04 M33,028 ISK
72.92 M359,036 ISK

NameBatchVolumeHek buy-order
Inferno TorpedoInferno Torpedo100305 ISK (30,500)
Retrieveable Materials/componenets
Material nameQuantityVolumeCost
TritaniumTritanium3,59035.90 M317,376 ISK
PyeritePyerite2,64526.45 M333,327 ISK
MexallonMexallon260.26 M31,368 ISK
IsogenIsogen20.02 M3270 ISK
NocxiumNocxium20.02 M31,530 ISK
ZydrineZydrine10.01 M3757 ISK
62.66 M354,628 ISK

NameBatchVolumeHek buy-order
Medium Nosferatu IMedium Nosferatu I131,029 ISK
Retrieveable Materials/componenets
Material nameQuantityVolumeCost
TritaniumTritanium4,09240.92 M319,806 ISK
PyeritePyerite2,88728.87 M336,376 ISK
MexallonMexallon2472.47 M312,993 ISK
IsogenIsogen5335.33 M371,955 ISK
MegacyteMegacyte110.11 M318,707 ISK
77.70 M3159,837 ISK

NameBatchVolumeHek buy-order
Iridium Charge MIridium Charge M10026.1 ISK (2,610)
Retrieveable Materials/componenets
Material nameQuantityVolumeCost
TritaniumTritanium1221.22 M3591 ISK
PyeritePyerite1491.49 M31,878 ISK
MexallonMexallon20.02 M3106 ISK
2.73 M32,575 ISK

NameBatchVolumeHek buy-order
Medium Capacitor Battery IMedium Capacitor Battery I134,800 ISK
Retrieveable Materials/componenets
Material nameQuantityVolumeCost
TritaniumTritanium1,20412.04 M35,828 ISK
PyeritePyerite9529.52 M311,995 ISK
MexallonMexallon4444.44 M323,355 ISK
IsogenIsogen20.02 M3270 ISK
NocxiumNocxium10.01 M3765 ISK
26.03 M342,213 ISK

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